Janitorial Services & Office Cleaning in South Carolina

The business model for Tri-State Building Services came to light in 1989 due to the lack of vision in the commercial cleaning industry. Our futuristic model was based solely on the premises that we wanted to make a difference. To make a difference in any industry you have to start with a vision which in turn changes other people's perception of your industry. This vision and the opportunity to enhance the lives of our contractors, customers and vendors alike was our driving force behind the model.
  1. Monthly General Cleaning and Janitorial Service Contracts.
  2. Commercial Carpet Cleaning (Hot Water Extraction Method)
  3. Strip, Wax and high speed buff Vinyl Composition Tile
  4. Interior and Exterior Window Cleaning
  5. Ceramic, Natural Stone and Grout Cleaning
6. Concrete Polish
7. Touchless Bathroom Cleaning
8. Pressure Washing
9. Construction and Industrial Cleanup
Mop and Bucket in Knoxville, TN
We came to the conclusion that our service really needed to be Truths of Service. Our mission is to provide janitorial services that exceed our customer's expectations and continually search for their unrecognized and unfulfilled wants. We will lead our workers with vision, integrity and by example. We will always maintain high expectations and recognize performance. We will strive for perfection, but accept excellence.
Truths of Service
  1. Inspire others
  2. Think outside the box
  3. Offer a choice
  4. Clear Vision
5. Surprise people
6. Go the extra mile
7. Show compassion and Passion
Shortly after beginning our business nearly a quarter of a century ago, we saw that we could be the premier commercial cleaning model by doing 5 things better than anyone else:

PEOPLE: By hiring the best contractors possible and impacting their lives in a positive manner.
TRAINING: By continuously training our people with the highest of standards.
QUALITY: With daily quality control we are able to monitor job performance.
TECHNOLOGY: By providing our staff with the most up to date equipment and technology.
ACCOUNTABILITY: By hiring the right contractors, continuous training, recording quality control through management and providing the latest techniques and equipment we will hold our people accountable.