Green Cleaning Janitorial Services In North Carolina

Environmentally Responsible Janitorial Services
Tri-State Building Services believes in doing our part to protect the environment by using green cleaning practices. But did you know that green cleaning is also about protecting you? A clean, sanitary environment reduces the spread of dangerous germs and bacteria that can cause employee illness. Even the effects of allergies from potential dust born pollutants can be drastically reduced in a clean workplace. Think of it as a cycle of green living. By using our service dedicated to green cleaning practices, we protect both the environment and you.
Cleaning Products-Cleaning Solutions in Knoxville, TN

A few Simple Steps We Use for Green Cleaning

  • Use Green Cleaning Products
  • Use Green equipment and related supplies
  • Using Green paper and plastic products
  • Adopting Green Cleaning procedures
  • Sharing the responsibility.
We continually evaluate and reevaluate our steps to ensure that we offer the best Green Cleaning solution possible.